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You hide in my heart deeply.


Happiness! There is only you and I together time...


With you just I don't want to give anyone the chance.


Honey, can you marry me, I'll marry you!


Don't know love you count is a close reason?


To meet you, for me, is the greatest happiness.


Ever lost in the heart, is you pull me out of loneliness.


Give you a heart of the home, tired, I will always wait for you


Life, the most reluctant to the one page, always hide the deepest.


To love a person, you must believe that you can give her the greatest happiness!


First of all, I would like to thank God, let me in here to meet you.


You are my life, the most profound feeling!!


I want to love you very short poems for the sublimation of life essays.


It's not being in love that makes me happy, but is being in love with you.


The fire of love, in the hearts of both of us, we will be fused in a.


The reason I live now is to meet you at this moment.


Maybe I was a bird in a previous life. If you were a bird, I am a bird, too.


You know my loneliness is only one person waiting for you, thousands of my sweet songs are only sung for you.


Without you, my sky is missing a color; without you, my world is a kind of missing.


Give me a chance, I will let you live in the sun, I will for you to become only belong to your sun.


Time cannot erase my thoughts of you even if Haikudanlan, your shadow forever in my heart!


According to Maslow demand theory, you are my most basic survival needs, not you and I do not have the mood to make money.


I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.


Now my life and death, happiness and pain, completely manipulated in your hands, you can give me the holy love?


Because of you, the world is beautiful, because of you, life has meaning, because of you, everything is sweet.


If there is an afterlife, I would like to be your pupil, when you look in the mirror, you can give me the most affectionate look to me!


Your name is the only word I'm in "love", and you're the only flight I have in the "sea of love".


The vast sea, with your name and navigation; so cold, hold your name heating; long life, with your name out.


Initial fall in love, goodbye infatuation, all the day care, want to heart, painstakingly, want to have to push the heart, don't you, do not know my heart!


Don't say your sky is nothing, if not, I'll give you my sky, just let me stop in your sky.


You see, is the most real me!! A never ending move!! Moved the world to have you with me this most beautiful existence!!


Fish said to water: you can not see my tears, because I am in the water. "I could feel your tears cause you are in me." answered water.


You want to easily say love, the promise is to owe the debt, also do not easily say not love, perhaps happiness is you shut in the door!


When the wind stopped chasing clouds, when the ice is not water, when the fire is not hot when the stone is no longer hard, do not love the world, I can stop love you


God told me that love is fate, love is touched, love is a habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is considerate, love is a lifetime commitment!


The birds sing only once a lifetime, it sings a song of life in the thorns. A person's life only love once, he can give up everything to man.


Miss is the roof so tick, is a microwave lake formed, is in the morning mist, is we wake up the confusion. I miss you very much at the moment!


For you, I have unconditional surrender, you will sign the love contract! Otherwise, no one wants me! I'm ready to double my rights.


Happiness is: rainy day can hold up a small umbrella for you; happiness is: hold your little hand and you spend the sunset; happiness is: you always happy happy!


When you see this message, you have a violent incomparable love poison, the only cure is to marry me, do not take into account the, let's get married!


I really want to become your phone: always to be hold in your hand, often hear your Xinyu, can take you to see the beautiful, and always put the I in mind.


Girlfriend wanted: character, like you, and you looks identical, appearance and you run in the same groove, lovely roughly the same with you, I feel you perfectness.


The luckiest thing in my life two things: one is the time finally my love for you, one is long, long time ago, one day, I met you.


I really want to hold your hand, walk along the road of happiness, really want to hug your waist, from now on happy and free and unfettered; good want to kiss your face, we accompany forever!   


Back to think of us together, I can't help but a burst of heartache not once said good not to separate it? How could you have the heart to leave me like this?


After a short message, miss will become hand and up, at least at the moment of you, know that I am thinking of you, know that there is a love from the pain, in my heart.


If it is true love, do not let go, no money can also be in the feelings of the lost, a lifetime will not come back! Please cherish the people around you, do not forget or regret is your own!


Love you, but can not with you together, this is a pain; so you do not know the outcome, this is a kind of helpless; for now to have you, for life can together with you.


Walking in the dark night, didn't say goodbye. If you hear me cry sound, there is no turning back, afraid you see slide off my tears, in the dark of the night I hear the brokenhearted sound.


Even hurt each other, we will not be separated from the humidifier, as long as two people together, although sometimes hurt, the wound will heal, because I hear the voice of his heart.


You seem very close and distant, every time pass by, the faint look, flowing hair, such as chord surface wave chaos in your mind. Want to say to you, love you, is one's whole life.


Silent phone with the dull lights, lonely chest holding the cold arms. Through the past eyes saw a stubborn heart, still stubborn echoes of love waiting for you.


There may be people who are better than me in this world, but no one knows you better than me; maybe someone will suit you better than me, but no one will love you more than I do; I'll always be the one to accompany you!


In the busy work, please accept my most sincere sincerity and blessing; I wish to eliminate the work of the day to work to bring the fatigue; may happiness and happiness with you every day of life.


Because of you, I become full of vitality; because of you, I have changed the way of life; because of you, my life is more exciting! Can't imagine what the world would be like without you.


Time to witness the love of intravenous drip, space filled with the effort of Acacia, heart rate changes since seeing you that day, love your plot filling this information, may happiness belong to me and love you.


You like a mirror, this life with you has been doomed; you like flowers, love you love to have no place to hide; you like green, I love only for you chase; you like the blue sky, I see you mad. Love you, love you!


Lovesickness is you wandering, build the walls of love, no matter where you are, there is always yearning heart. Look forward to working with you to create, the love of heaven, no matter in the front end, love is still a. 


Fate is when preexistence is mortal feeling of continuity, fate is the life cycle of the same oath, fate is happy agreement that we ever had said, the fate is to life can meet the beautiful dream!


Open flowers were blossoming blossoming with love, to love a flower, blossoming don't love, really blossoming love, had to hide the love, not blossoming hide, only to hide a flower, there is really no hiding, the flower is old.


My name is I, who love you. The word to you, love you, scientific name hurts you, read your pet name, pseudonym of your dreams, the name you know, after your nickname Wal - Mart bubble you, in fact, my real name is teasing you! ha-ha!


Are you free flying seabirds, I was a humble island. Tired, you can rest here in my feet; hungry, you can find what you need here. In fact, in addition to you, I nothing!


Wind is my hands, the sun is in my arms, the stars are my eyes, the rain is my thoughts, latitude and longitude to pull strings, Baiyun bypass, text messages sent my heart, dear, I want to pull you!


You just like me to receive this information, delete you is like me, and back to the information you want to marry me, not back then promised to marry me, I will be modified to die, save the life of my life is to me.


When you are not in my side, I suddenly found you in my importance, not your night is really good lonely, good long, every day I miss you, I think you are not tired of a thousand times, every time I miss the heart.


Miss you, miss you! If the passionate refreshing breeze, please bring my thoughts of you, care you for my life's time. If graceful white cloud knows, please take away my love for you, the generation after generations is willing with you together!